Client Services


This section provides links and information for Clients of Wendy Mackowski and Inner North. You need a password to access these pages. To contact Wendy, please see the contact us section. If you are a client please log in.

Coaching Worksheet

This is an online form for you to use before each session. It helps with catching up on anything that has happened since the last session, as well as helping you focus in on what you want to talk about this session. Please complete and submit this to your coach prior to your session 9ideally the day before).

Coaching catch up and focus worksheet


Client Journaling & Safe Space Retreat Room

Your own Safe Space for recording insights, progress, and regular dialogue with your Authentic Spirit. The intention of this area is to give you a “Safe Space”, your own private quiet retreat area to write, reflect, relax and get centered.  this space, although virtual, will strongly support creating a room, a corner, or perhaps a spot in your garden or at the beach…most importantly, a routine for you to connect regularly with your own Center. This journal is designed to develop that space and to nurture and renew your Spirit.

Here you will find the Safe Space Relaxation Meditation always available to bring you back to your Center in just 5 minutes.

Client journaling page

Metaphor – The Bluebirds’ Song: Harmonizing With Your Authentic Spirit


Are you ready to give up the comforts and discontents of Pigeon Paradise to soar into the unknown world of the Bluebirds’ Song? Are you ready to reclaim your authentic Spirit? When you are ready to step into the pure joy of expressing your highest potential then close your eyes and listen closely…your own Bluebird Song is calling you to follow!”

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