Are you ready to move past the one big thing that keeps you from fully living your most inspired and authentic life?

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You are a successful, creative and self-aware person open to new ideas and perspectives. You’ve done a lot of self-development work and have a passion for making your unique contribution in the world.

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However, there are still things that keep popping up and interfering with your feeling peaceful or productive.


It’s like a pebble in your shoe or a boulder in your path.…

  • Maybe it keeps shape shifting and returning in different forms to make your life miserable.
  • It could be an old pattern that keeps resurfacing, an outdated voice in your head that repeats old negative self-talk, or a vague sense of being an imposter.
  • For many it’s a feeling of being stuck and confused—wanting change but unclear on how to start.
  • Maybe it’s a vague wish to be more aligned with your purpose (even if you aren’t sure what that purpose is).
  • It could also be disabling insecurities and lack of confidence in new situations,
  • Constant feelings of frustration over not making the goals you keep setting for yourself—lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop smoking, etc.


The list goes on, but in the meantime you aren’t connected to your happiness, your joy, your motivation, or your peace of mind.


You want to feel the freedom of knowing you are consistently clear-minded, confident, creative, and calm. You want to get up each day with passion, focus and enthusiasm for what you do, making a contribution and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You want to be free of old patterns, beliefs, and negative self-talk that have held you back. You want to intentionally create your most inspired life!



I believe the traditional model for achieving what you want is outdated. It’s based on fear—struggling, working hard, forcing, pushing, beating yourself up.

The Inspired Life System model is based on love—it assumes you are naturally motivated and when truly inspired and passionate you are unstoppable. When you aren’t feeling inspired, then something is in the way! This holistic approach of self-acceptance, forgiveness and true connection to your Core, your Authentic Spirit ultimately pulls you like a magnet towards your most Inspired Life.


I offer services and programs that have been helping people through this process of moving from struggle (perspiration) to flow and ease (inspiration) in creating their own unique path to Authentic Success for over 15 years. My holistic approach includes a combination of body, mind & spirit techniques including personal and business coaching, EFT tapping, hypnosis, guided mediations, and visualizations.

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The first step is to get a taste of my approach by downloading a free copy of my 19 page mini ebook, 7 Proven Strategies for Overcoming What’s Still In Your Way.”

Along with the bonus EFT article, “What Do I Say? 6 Tips For Using Language More Effectively with EFT.”




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